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How to record police encounters without losing your video - Police State USA

Technology is a double-edged sword.  It has enabled the government to become more intrusive than ever with its online spying capabilities.  However, cheap and discreet recording devices make it much more feasible to hold cops on the street accountable.

Police State USA encourages holding government officials accountable but advises everyone to research the laws in their own states regarding secretly recording audio conversations (Read more: The Reporter’s Recording Guide).  Encounters with police officers in public generally do not fall under such restrictions, particularly after the recent court decision in Illinois.

Here, we intend to look at the technologies that facilitate that recording. …


Cop Shoots Dog. No, Wait! He Shoots Himself. Dog Is Fine.

I’ve been nervously waiting for a dog owner whose animal has been killed by police to try to even the score—it’s inevitable, even though the outcome will be not so swell for the outraged dog lover. But what if a canicidal cop took active measures to prevent himself from poaching a pooch? Fantasy, you say?

Nope. It happened.

In Riverside County, California, “a large pitbull breed dog attacked” an unnamed sheriff’s deputy according to a police spokesman who seems to be having a little trouble taking his own script seriously. “In defense of himself…he fired one round at the dog, and inadvertently struck himself in the leg.” …


5 cops caught in alleged lies on witness stand

One by one, five police officers took the witness stand at the Skokie courthouse late last month for what would typically be a routine hearing on whether evidence in a drug case was properly obtained.

But in a “Perry Mason” moment rarely seen inside an actual courtroom, the inquiry took a surprising turn when the suspect’s lawyer played a police video that contradicted the sworn testimony of the five officers — three from Chicago and two from Glenview, a furious judge found. …


Disturbing Video of Cop Trying to Choke a Handcuffed Teen Surfaces on Facebook

“He’s not fighting back, he’s not fighting back” scream the onlookers at the jackboot thug brutalizing a teen.

Choking a helpless teenager half your size, who is handcuffed on the ground is apparently standard procedure for the SFPD. …


Pastor Banned From Feeding Homeless Because He Doesn't Have A Food Truck Permit

Every other Saturday Rick Wood delivers hundreds of hot dogs and bottles of water to homeless people in need. But the people who rely on Wood’s generosity may soon be left empty-handed.

Wood, who is a pastor at the Lord’s House of Prayer in Oneonta, Ala., has been feeding the homeless for the past six years without a glitch. But, last month, the city told Wood that he had to halt his mission because it had passed an ordinance that regulates food trucks, Think Progress reported.

Though the ordinance pertains specifically to retailers, the city said that it still applies to Wood and that he has to obtain a $500 permit in order to continue helping the homeless. …


Police Detain Whitehouse Woman

A Whitehouse woman claims she was unfairly arrested for failing to stop for a police officer. She says the cop was acting suspicious and she felt threatened, but police officials say she handled it the wrong way.

Melissa Bonnette says she was on her usual morning walk around 9:45 a.m. Friday when a man in uniform on a motorcycle pulled up next to her, asking if she lived in the area and if he could speak to her.

"I thought that maybe he was flirting," she said. "I just thought it was odd, I thought it was odd. I wasn’t really sure but I felt uncomfortable because there wasn’t anyone around."

She says she was worried he might not even a real cop, so she refused to stop and began jogging away from him.

"He just crept along beside me on his motorcycle and he started saying, ‘Hey ma’am! I want to talk to you. Hey stop, ma’am! I want to talk to you.’ Then my anxiety rose even higher," she said. …


Woman says Whitehouse police unfairly arrested her for not stopping to talk to officer


(VIDEO) Cop Puts Crying Boy in Chokehold, Tells Witnesses “Stop Speaking Spanish!”

Another disturbing video has surfaced of a cop brutalizing a child at school.

A Santa Ana School Police Department officer is at the center of controversy after a concerned citizen, Elvia Fernández, filmed him putting a crying young boy in a chokehold.

In the clip, we see a man at the park yelling “You’re choking him” at an officer as a motionless boy screams “Help me! Help me!” Even though it was filmed in portrait and from a distance on a smartphone, the video clearly captures a cop lying on top of a sobbing child, whose tiny arms are prone on the ground. The cop’s arm is around the boy’s neck, as he yells “Stop fighting me,” only to have the boy scream in pain, “I’m not fighting you!”

According to OC Weekly, Elvia Fernández, said the kid looked to be around 10; his wails and pleas definitely peg him as a prepubescent. Fernández tried calming the kid down in a mix of English and Spanish, telling him, “No te muevas”“Relájate”, and “Aquí estamos nosotros”–”Don’t move”, “Relax,” and “We’re here.”

At which point the cop yells, “Stop speaking Spanish!” …


Veteran officer, accused of forcing women to have sex, found guilty

A veteran Kansas City police officer who was accused of forcing two women to have sex with him was found guilty of acceding to corruption Friday.

The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said a jury found Jeffrey Holmes guilty of a single count of acceding to corruption and sentenced him to 15 days in jail and a fine.

Back in 2012 a prostitute told police in mid-April that Holmes raped her March 24 at an Extended Stay America near East 105th Street and Holmes Road. Court documents say Holmes showed up at her location wearing a uniform and told the woman that she was “busted for prostitution,” and attempted to handcuff her. The first woman told police Holmes gave her the impression he wanted to have sex for free and, when she refused, he forced her to. …


11-year-old building tree fort says officer pulled gun on him,...

Omari Grant, 11, said he and his friends often play in a wooded area behind his home and were building a fort when a neighbor in the next subdivision called police to complain about what the boys were doing. 
But no one anticipated what Omari and his mother say happened next. 
"I guess the release of tension was like, ‘Mom, he had a gun in my face, Mommy. Mommy, he had a gun in my face,’" said Janice Baptiste, Omari’s mother. 
Baptiste told Channel 2’s Aaron Diamant that Henry County police officers walked Omari home last week.
"So my son was of course traumatized by that," Baptiste said. …