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Why are Americans so easy to manipulate?

We may be loathe to admit it, but behaviorism and consumerism are cut from the same cloth… 

During the height of Skinner’s fame in the 1970s, it was obvious to anti-authoritarians such as Noam Chomsky (“The Case Against B.F. Skinner”) and Lewis Mumord that Skinner’s worldview—a society ruled by benevolent control freaks—was antithetical to democracy. In Skinner’s novel Walden Two (1948), his behaviorist hero states, “We do not take history seriously”; to which Lewis Mumford retorted, “And no wonder: if man knew no history, the Skinners would govern the world, as Skinner himself has modestly proposed in his behaviorist utopia.” …



The non-localized event of mass-suicide on a global scale involving the “Entrenched Elite,” from the upper-echelons of the money-junkies to the lowliest corporate-media apologists, who become so shocked at the loss of their station and ‘perceived’ reality as the ‘rabble’ cross their protective, financial moats and tear down their “Corporate Persons’” castles’ walls.

The first wave of this non-localized, global suicide pandemic will be discovered among those who have engaged in the centuries-old, ‘vampire-like’ feeding on youth through pedophilia as they especially lack the capacity to live in a world where they aren’t ‘allowed’ to continue to do what they’ve been doing with impunity.

This act, by its nature ends when Humans and Life can enjoy this planet cooperatively in peace forever without their psychopathic control.

Jeez, the world was pretty fucked up before Timothy Geithner, Lloyd Blankfein, Jaime Diamon, George Soros, George Kaiser, all their minions in the government and the press, and all their employees and apologists who had believed them to be doing gods work, but who were actually robbing humanity through fraud and fucking babies in their Wall Street board rooms committed fauxeliticide. Now, onto finding out what a fulfilled life on Earth is like.