Anarchism is necessary, we can say, to create a just society.  As far as I can tell, the best definition of anarchism is “the belief that no one has any special authority to do anything that anyone else doesn’t have.”  Anarchy, then, is a society in which this principle is widespread enough to be a truism.  If one group of people can arrogate special authority to themselves to rule over others, this alone is a vast injustice in and of itself.  But it also creates a cascade of further injustices.

Under statism, the overall socioeconomic system tends to divide into classes, some more privileged than others.  This allows people in the more privileged classes to use their power to bully others or manipulate them, even without direct coercion.  An example of this is “survival prostitution”.  There are people who are so abject and miserably poor that they are willing to do anything for enough money to survive until tomorrow.  They do not have the option to say “no”, if they want to live, they must say yes.  Wage slavery in the modern corporate capitalist world is, for many people, merely a more extended version of this.